Luftikid Visual & FAQ’s

Luftikid Visual & FAQ’s

Here are answers to your eventual questions. If you have others, please get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to respond as quickly as possible.

Is Luftikid certified ?

Yes, Luftikid is certified by ECE R44*04 regulation.

What group does Luftikid belong to ?

Luftikid belongs to group I and II (from 9kg to 27 kg) of ECE R44*04 regulation. Therefore, it is suitable for children from +/- 1 year old to 7 years old.

Can Luftikid be used as a conventional car seat ?

Yes indeed. It can be used in daily trips as well as in occasional trips. Enjoy its advantages: low weight, fast and easy to fit, etc.).

How many Luftikid seats can you fit in a car ?

You can fit up to three Luftikid in the rear seats of the car. (Only if there are three safety belts at the rear).

Can you fit Luftikid in any kinds of cars ?

Luftikid is suitable for any kinds of cars, either passenger cars or sports cars.

Can Luftikid fit in other kinds of vehicles ?

Luftikid can be used in all kinds of vehicles with 2 or 3 points safety belts, eg. taxis, trains, buses, coaches, planes…

Does Luftikid needs any maintenance ?

No, Luftikid doesn’t need any.

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